HPL Series

HLP Series by Zapp Star brings to you real and tactile feel of textures. Each pattern closely resembles the natural grains and layers found in wooden logs and slabs. Engineered to last long, these high quality HPL panels can stand high temperatures, moisture, dust, and wind. Designs across the world can be found in the exclusive selection of panels launched by Zapp Star. Each panel is developed to withstand Indian weather conditions.

NLW 109 Baliness Teak

NLW 116 Premium Mahagoni

NLW 112 Royal Teak

NLW 114 Burma Teak

NLW 120 Teak Rustic

NLW 113 Oak Pine

NLW 118 Dark Teak

NLW 101 Rose Wood

NLW 108 African Ebony