Wood & Stone Series

All the favorite wooden and stone textures of the Indian market have been handpicked in this new selection by Zapp Star. These flexible ACP panels can be bent and cut in various forms. The great advantage that Zapp Star panels have over tradition wooden and stone slabs is that these panels can be easily shaped into beautiful round pillars and columns.

NLW 109 Baliness Teak

NLW 114 Burma Teak

NLW 116 Premium Mahagoni

NLW 112 Royal Teak

NLW 118 Dark Teak

NLW 108 African Ebony

NLW 120 Teak Rustic

NLW 113 Oak Pine

NLW 101 Rose Wood

NLS 203 Emprador

NLS 202 Satvario

NLS 201 Perlato





To ensure that every Zapp Star panel meets international quality standards, Narayani Laminates Private Limited has set standard operating procedures in every stage of the production process. Every panel gets examined for utmost quality and durability.


Standard Sizes

Product Tolerance

Panel Thickness

Aluminium Skin Thickness

Metallic & Solid Series

NL 001 Bright Silver

NL 012 Champagne Gold

NL 010 Silver Black

NL 017 Silver Mirror

NL 018 Gold Mirror

NL 015 Coffee Brown

NL 014 Glossy White

NL 004 Ivory White

NL 016 Lemon Yellow

NL 013 Glossy Red

NL 011 Samsung Blue

NL 009 Refreshing Orange

NL 005 Signal Red